Racer Meeting Notes – March 5 2016

Racer Meeting Notes - March 5 2016

Thanked the racing volunteers. Will have a volunteer day before the season starts and would appreciate help getting the track ready for the summer. We will also need volunteers for some big events this summer. If you volunteer at an event, you will be given a free tech card, free spectator passes or merchandise credit at the track.

Introduced Jeff Fritz as Racing Operations Manager, Mike Steelman and Matt Brotherton as Track Officials. Mike will be in charge from the burnout box to the end of the track. Matt will be in charge of the pits and staging lanes. They both will be running the racing day activities. Jeff will be overseeing the drag strip and the road course. Any race procedure issues go thru race operations manager (Jeff) or general manager (Keith). Do not take your issue to Mike or Matt.

ETI’s (Extended Tech Inspection) will be done April 16th at the track. If you can’t make the 14th, you can still get an ETI done during the season. We would like to stress getting an ETI because it helps speed up the process on race day.

We will be working on making sure that the dial ins are reset more quickly so you aren’t sitting there, ready to stage, and overheating or losing your focus, while you wait on the scoreboard. Mike will hold you up until he sees the scoreboard has been reset. Also, make sure to verify your dial-in is correct on the dial-in boards in front of the burnout boxes before they are advanced up to the scoreboard. If you miss them on the dial-in board, please check the scoreboard before staging your car. If we work together, we will ensure that we won’t have to have any re-runs. If you are the first set of cars called in, you will have to look quick at the dialin boards because once the next set of cars are called in, the first set will be moved to the scoreboards and the second set of cars will be on the dial-in boards.

For the regular Summit classes, we will be going back to ball draw for all rounds, to avoid a racer getting multiple byes with the ladders. Quick 32 will still use a ladder for eliminations.

Byes will still be determined by the best reaction time from the prior run, starting with round 1 of eliminations, which will be determined by the best reaction in the 2nd time trial.

Bye backs will still be mixed with 2nd round of eliminations.

There are 16 Summit races scheduled for the 2016 racing season. There will be no makeup races held for the Summit series with the exception of the specialty races such as Quick 32, Double Points Day, Member Track Madness and Wally races. The actual summit race will not be made up but the special race will be moved to another scheduled race day.

Each racer registered for points will have a total of 13 races count towards the championship, as long as there aren’t more than 3 rainouts.
Example: 1 rainout, each racer may drop 2 races, 2 rainouts, each racer may drop 1 race, 3 or more rainouts, no races will be dropped and the all completed races will count towards the points championship.

Points must be paid for by the end of the second Summit race held, in order to have points count for the first two Summit races. If any racer has not paid for the points series by the end of the second Summit race then they will start getting points from the time they register and pay for points. The cost is $25 and only includes points registration and not the banquet.

Points are awarded as follows: (points stop counting for the night, once you lose in round one)
10 points for showing up to the race and attempting to race
20 points for each Round you win
1 point bonus for Semi-Finals loser
3 points bonus to Runner Up
5 points bonus to Event Winner

For the 2016 ET Finals, there are now 4 classes sharing the 36 spots representing the track at Topeka, Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro, Pro Bike. The amount of racers taken from each class will be based on how many racers paid for points in each class.
Example: 80 registered racers: 20 sportsman, 20 pro, 20 super pro, 20 bikes, each class has 25% of the registered racers, therefore, each class will take 9. High school class gets 4 automatically

Parking stalls are reserved for last year’s renter until end of the 2nd Summit race, after that, open up to all.

Alcohol wrist bands will be required to drink on the grounds, including in your pits.

We are currently working on the new bathroom which is almost done except for the grinder pump installation.

We were also going to repave part of the track in the spring but after consultation with several professionals, it was recommended to do it in the fall.

Other things that we forgot to mention at the meeting were:
NAPA is the overall track sponsor.

Added 1320Video as the right lane sponsor and will be selling 1320Video merchandise.

Bob Meyer will be coming to the track to advise us on track preparation.

Class Run Order
Summit races:
Trophy Street
Trophy Slick
High School
**Q32 / SST & SC / No Bar Bike
Pro Bikes
Super Pro
**depending on any extra classes running that day

Hot Wheelz races:
Trophy Slick
Trophy Street
Quick 32
No Box

No change to racer fees for 2016:
Racer Fees (Sat/Sun):
Junior Dragster $35
High School $20
Trophy (Slick/Street) $20
Sportsman $40
Pro/No Box $50
Super Pro/Box $70
SS/SC (90% payout) $50
Q32 (100% payout) $125
Pro Bike $50
Heads Up No Bar Bike $60
TNT $25
Crew/Spectators $10